Hygiene and Safety Guidelines of Swimming Pool

15th June 2020

Dear Members,

Hygiene and Safety Guidelines of Swimming Pool

 To ensure the hygiene and safety of Swimming Pool, the swimmers please observe the following guidelines: 

Item Conditions of Use
Floating Board or Float


1) Diameter does not exceed 1 meter.


Dress Code


1) Swimwear.


Swimmers with long hair


1) Must wear swimming caps.




1) Only in deep-water zone; and must take care to ensure the way is clear before commencing your dive.


Flippers or Webbed Gloves 1) Not allowed in any situation.
Snorkels or Facemasks
Water Guns
Inflatable Stuff

(E.g. beach balls, floating bed)

Note: For any enquiries, please contact the duty staff.

We are sorry for such inconvenience caused and thank you for your kind attention.

Recreation Department