Personal Data Correction

For correction of any personal data, please fill in the Personal Data Correction Form and return to the Members’ Affairs Department.

Application for Spouse / Supplementary Membership Card

Member can apply for the supplementary membership card for his/her spouse and children (aged between 8 to 20). Member is required to submit the completed application forms with the copy of other supporting documents such as HKID card, marriage certificate and birth certificate, etc.

Loss of Membership Card

Member is required to report lost card immediately to the Members’ Affairs Department and apply for card replacement. The handling charge is HK$50 and a new card will be issued within three calendar days.

Vehicle Registration and Parking Fee

Each membership or nominee of a company membership is entitled to the registration of 3 vehicle numbers. Each membership or nominee of a company membership will be charged to the member rate for parking a vehicle while the parking fee of other vehicles will be charged at the guest rate at one time. For any vehicles which have not been registered or the registrations of vehicle number have not been effective, these vehicles will be treated as the guest ones and the guest rate for parking fee will be applied accordingly.

General services

The following services are available at the Club’s Reception :

Photo Copy (B/W single page A4)
HK$ 0.50
Fax (For local only)
HK$ 0.50

For enquiry, please contact our Members’ Affairs Department
Phone No.:(852) 2397 4311
Fax No.     :(852) 2397 4419