1. All courts/tables must be booked in person or via telephone by the Club membership card holders, who intend to use the court through the attendant on duty. Bookings cannot be reserved in the name of another member nor booked by the use of different names.
2. All bookings will only be accepted up to six days in advance and are limited to one period of play with a maximum of two facilities per membership per day.
3. Priority bookings through the Club’s appointed coaches for Tennis, Badminton, Table Tennis and Squash coaching will only be allowed pertaining to the following schedules:


Days of the Week
Coaching Hours
No of Courts
Weekdays (5 days)
2 nos.
Weekdays (2 evenings)
6:00am-10:00 or 11:00pm*
1 no.
1 no.


4. Members, who would like to reserve court/tables for coaching for time slots apart from those listed hours, must inform the Recreation staff when they are making the booking for the courts/tables.
5. If courts become available at the time of play, rule No.2 will not be applied. When 2 Members are applying simultaneously for the same facility before the beginning of the period, priority will be given to the one who has not enjoyed the facility on that day.
6. Bookings may only be made in the name of the member who actually uses the court/table.

Cancellation Of Reservation

1. Cancellation of reservation must be made at least one day in advance for the court/table reserved either in person or by telephone. In default a normal court/table fee will be charged.
2. A penalty charge in addition to the normal court fee will be levied on any person who has booked a court but does not show up. If a lesson has been arranged with the coach, the normal rate for the lesson will be charged.

* Please contact at 2397 4950 for reservation or cancellation.

Usage Of Facilities

1. The user of the facilities must be the member who reserve the facility and sign the voucher prior to the use of the facility.
2. The player will be required to produce his membership card and sign a voucher prior to the commencement of play.
3. Courts/Tables are to be vacated promptly on completion of each session.
4. Facility users must refrain from shouting or causing inconvenience to others inside the court.
5. Each player must refrain from damaging the court or equipment.
6. Smoking, eating and/or drinking inside the courts are strictly forbidden.
7. Gambling at the recreational facilities are strictly forbidden.


1. Guest will not be permitted to use the recreational facilities if they are not signed in immediately by members.
2. Member’s private servants are not permitted to use the Club’s facilities.
3. Each membership are allowed to bring along four guests to use the Club’s recreational facilities at one time.